Monday, 5 February 2007

Vircavas vidusskola in Vircava, Latvia

The Vircavas vidusskola is situated 10 km outside of jelgava in the small village of Vircava. The school uses the old so calld cavalier house, a part of the old castle of Vircava. It's a baroque building from 1780 and it's the only part that was not destroyed.

The school is quite well equiped and works as partner in international projects for many years. The second picture shows Guna Pupede, the teacher for informatics and Psychologie with some of her students (June 2006).

Picture: © Peter Mazohl
Address & Contact: Guna Pupede, Vircavas vidusskola , LV 3020 Vircava, Yelgava, Lettland

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Ed said...

Hi guys My name is Edgars Pegovs end I was student in this school from 86-94. Now I live in US California.PS in tuch